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April 15, 2014

BQ in stock

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February 28, 2014

The guy under the hat

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April 3, 2013

BikeTank on tomorrow morning!

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BikeTank is an intensive workshop where we play with new design thinking methods for cities. Each session is an intensive exploration into a defined topic hosted by emerging design entrepreneurs and leading thinkers, contributing to a bigger picture project. You can have some coffee and pastries and even get your bike tyres pumped and swap bike stories.

Thursday 4th April 2013
7.30am Coffee Available
8am sharp Start
9.30am Finish, welcome to stay longer.

BikeTank Location
Ulitmo Pedestrian Network south (Devonshire Tunnel entry)
Behind the Faculty of DAB
University of Technology Sydney
Ultimo NSW 2007 

Come via bicycle from Quay St, along Thomas St, past the Citigate Hotel and along the pedestrian way towards the tunnel. U.lab is next to the back entry to the ABC.


If you can’t come along to a BikeTank, we can still talk together:

You can email us at 

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February 2, 2010

Schwalbe delivery

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We recently got our Schwalbe tyre delivery and we tried to bury our six foot six Michael underneath. We just pulled up short, he is only crouching a little to support the tower.

Lots of cool tyres coming out this year from Schwalbe. Touring tyres in both 700 and 26inch and some very nice rolling road tyres as well. I’ve been trying out some Ultremo DDs

February 5, 2009

New Cheeky Website

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What are you still doing here?

This old WordPress weblog has been a friend of ours for a long time, but we’ve moved on up – There’s a new Cheeky Transport website right here waitin’ for ya.

If you’ve been viewing “” instead of “” it’s time for you to update your bookmarks.

If you’re looking at “” and reading this, try holding down your ‘Control’ key while you refresh the page, and you’ll be whisked into a new world of Cheeky Transport web-goodness.

We’ll see you over there. Thanks for the good times.

January 29, 2009

New Cheeky Website Coming Soon

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We’re in the process of setting up a sweet new website for the shop, and this old trooper might look slightly janky for a couple of days.. sorry..

Scroll down for the bloggage goodness that you know and love and start preparing yourself for a whole new world of Cheeky Transport web type awesomeness.

If you’re after the essentials here they are:
Phone – 02 9557 5424

Address – 3a Georgina St Newtown (Map)



Monday – Friday: 10 til 6.30

Thursdays: 10 til 8pm

Saturdays: 10 til 4pm

Sundays: closed

January 22, 2009

Coming up: ‘PURSUIT: A Performance Event’.

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We met Jon and Robin in the shop today, two artists putting on this event. It’s on at Carriageworks for free on the 14th of February from 7.30pm. Check out those first two websites and think of the possibilities – bike powered, mutant violin, laser light show is what I’m imagining.

Pursuit is a chamber orchestra of mobile, bicycle-powered acoustic musical instruments with wireless transmission technology that will inhabit the vast foyer of CarriageWorks.

Using everything from horns on handlebars, to complex constructions with wind, string, or piano actions, Pursuit is a choreographed spectacle of sound, speed and light based on pedal power. This unique one-day free event will be developed by internationally acclaimed composer and violinist Jon Rose and media artist Robin Fox during their residency at Performance Space.

A World of Alfine/Nexus Possibilities..

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Drop bars and hub gears rule! I’ve been running an old friction bar-con with a Sram 3-speed hub for a while, and it’s a great combination for the city. Because the 3 speed is so simple, friction shifting works okay. If you want a bit more range and indexed shifting though, have a look at this sweet Surly Crosscheck from Hiawatha Cyclery in Minneapolis. Look closely, and you can see the combination of Shimano 8 speed internal Alfine hub, drop bars, and a bar-end shifter. Super cool setup right? Normally Shimano hub gears and drop bars are incompatible with each other. These guys made it work by using this item which is technically designed for something else, but sort of works okay here.

Now have a look at this..

…pretty mean looking piece of kit, I’m sure you’d agree. It’s a new indexed bar end shifter, specifically designed for Alfine/Nexus hubs from Jtek – a new, neat and elegant solution for drop bar hub gear city bikes. The even better news is that they’re going to be available in Australia very soon, so your dreams of  a bike like the Crosscheck up the top could soon be a reality. Let us know if you’d like a quote for a build.

January 21, 2009

Sydney Body Art Ride.. (and new Cheeky site)

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Our good friend Jake is the organiser of the Sydney Body Art Ride, an annual art project and fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Institute..  and it’s on again, happening on the 15th of February. It’s something we’re proud to sponsor and support.

You can see photos from last year here.  The ride is a fantastic combination of bicycle culture, doing something for a good cause and getting your kit off..

I’m going to request to be painted sparkly  gold to match my Casserroll .

..and while I’m on the blog – Plans are afoot for a new Cheeky website, coming very soon. We’ve got a pretty good idea about what we’re going to do, but if you’ve got anything you reckon you’d like to see, what you like or don’t like about our site,  or bike shop websites in general, let us know in the comments..

January 13, 2009

2000 and Fine.. and Brompton News..

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We’re back on deck after a relaxing couple of weeks off, with a full plate for services, and a couple of nice custom builds coming up, so 2009 is off to a pretty good start.

We’ve had a few questions about the 2009 Brompton updates and changes, so here’s the lowdown.

The big change is the new Brompton Wide Range hub from Sturmey Archer which gives the 6 speeds a 302% gear range. Click for the big version of this this diagram for some comparisons..


You can read all the gory details here. The other changes are in saddles, pedals and lightweight front wheels.

The 2009 bikes will be in Australia around March/April.

Like with everything, as the Aussie dollar has lost ground, prices have gone up, with a M3L now starting from $1649, but we can’t say enough good things about the bikes. They really are the best folders we’ve ever seen.

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