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July 9, 2007

Working Bee at The Nunnery Bike Workshop

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Working BeeWe are having a nother working bee at the Nunnery (check to kull bikes and generaly tidy up. The last working bee got a lot of good stuff sorted, like the shed, the tool boards, signs and labeling systems. Yay. Now we’ve simply got too much stuff!! We need your help….

  • kulling bikes for the Petersham Men’s Shed (They make wheelchairs from adult frames)
  • Sending scrap metal off to a merchant somewhere, does someone have a ute?
  • Kulling ‘projects’ that have been unloved too long
  • Sorting out a better opener/closer roster and on sight info for newbies

Okay so I might be interested but what are the deets?

Where: Nunnery (but of course) the backyard of 40 Forbes St Newtown- check out this map
When: 4 till 9.30 every monday for the next month we’ll be kulling and sorting. Plus 11am till dark Sunday 29th of July which will hopefuly be a big bike club meeting too. We’d like to talk about different bike projects, and how they can help each other. For instance we are sending kulled stuff to africa or to be made into wheelchairs, or to a scrap metaler who is stock pilling bikes for us to choose from and take back to newtown. For more info call jp on 0401447675

What if I only have a small amount of time?

That would be great because every little bit that you can offer will help. Even if it is to come by and say “Hi guys”, provide hugs, and then leave again. We’d really like to spruce things up and get our new system rolling out the Nunnery.


October 12, 2006

Cars are so, so energy inefficient

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The following snip is from the summary of a CSIRO report on the future of cars. An interesting read if you have an interest in sustainable transport.

To me the killer fact is only 13% of fuel energy is used to propel current vehicles. Pretty outrageous when you think about it. Sure, less cars, more public transport, more active transport, better designed communities etc are essential but cars are going to be around for a while so why not make them better.

Be interested to know the energy efficiency of a bike. Must be pretty high. Any ideas anyone?

From the CSIRO:

Fuel cells could be a long-term solution to transport-related greenhouse emissions, but in the meantime car makers could do a lot more to improve vehicle fuel use, says CSIRO’s low emissions transport leader David Lamb. “Today’s typical car wastes most of the energy it gets from the fuel,” Lamb told the NRMA summit (see Truss: consumer demand should be the basis for alternative fuels take-up). “Only about 13% of the energy is used to propel the vehicle,” he said. “The rest is wasted in friction, noise, heat, braking and mechanical losses.” Car makers “already know” many technologies that could improve fuel efficiency, but they all cost more, he said. “They would have supplied them already except that fuel was so cheap. Engine improvements will arrive quite quickly now that fuel is more expensive, but they will cost about 10% more than today’s car.” Over the next six or seven years engines will generally get smaller and accommodate 5% or 10% biofuels, Lamb said.,,.html

September 14, 2006

Push on is Bike NSW local news online

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September 13, 2006

Cheeky Has Left the Building!

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Come and visit us at Cheeky Transport new location 3a Georgina St Newtown And so ends a beautiful 7 years at 456 Pitt st


The Boys have worked like absolute trojans moving all our crap


And here is our new location. This view is coming along King St from the city, just after Goulds book shop. Our shop is just to the left of the bike and the Solarium.


Before and so far.

September 1, 2006

Be Careful Out There..

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Treadly and Me has an overview of the death of a Melbourne pedestrian after a collision with a rider last week, summarising mainstream media reports, blogs and official statements. It’s essential and sobering reading, and a reminder to play by the rules, for the sake of everyone..


August 28, 2006

Bicycle NSW no longer publishing on paper Push ON

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Bicycle NSW is no longer publishing Push On via Australian Cyclist. They have decided to make it a PDF that can be downloaded at Push On was the main method that BNSW had to contact its members.

I feel that with an election year coming up BNSW should be reaching as many people as possible, that means a combination of paper and web (yes put it on the web but also continue publishing it). If members want a paper copy they need to send in the form that is in Australian Cyclist requesting it, then you will get a printed version posted to you. If you missed that small article and don’t have a PC – you won’t see Push On ever again.

If you disagree with this please let Bicycle NSW know email

On a good note, at the last BNSW board meeting it was decided that they should get an Advocacy manager for the election. Hopefully the job specs are being written up as we speak.

August 21, 2006

How much do you love your bike?

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bike love

August 9, 2006

Cycling in the City bash next Wednesday 16 August

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The City of Sydney Council Cycling in the Cityprogram has finished and by all accounts done really well. See assorted propaganda re the program on the CoS website.

More importantly they are having a get together of all the participants next Wednesday 16 August at the Customs House Forecourt in Alfred St, Circular Quay starting 8.00am.

There will be the usual schmoozing by public officials but there should be a good number of bikes there and you might be able crash it and bludge a free cup of coffee and a pastry.

The more bikes seen there the better esp if it gets a gurnsey in the media.


NSW State Plan weak on bike use

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The NSW Premier released the draft 10 year State Plan on Wednesday (big deal I hear you say) however buried in the bowels of this document on the last strategy on the last page (page 43) is a reference to cycling. It says:

‘blah blah…..promote increased use of existing cycleways”.

This is soooo weak. Firstly it is the last thing the government plans to do (there are a gizillion other actions in the plan) and that it is going to promote use of EXISTING cycleways i.e. no new pathways. And this at a time when people are screaming about congestion, pollution, price of fuel etc etc.

The plan is out for a mere month of consultation (gee must be an election coming up) so your feedback is critical. If you go feral and send in a written submission send it snail-mail to:

NSW State Plan
Premier’s Department
GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001

If you need to unload electronically go to ‘Your Feedback’ on the Plan’s webpage and go ballistic.

This plan is for ten years. Ten minutes of your time to get into them about the plan is a good investment.

July 30, 2006

City of Sydney Cycle Strategy

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The City of Sydney Council has released its Cycle Strategy today. It ‘aims to increase the number of bicycle trips by 250 per cent in the next five years and 500 percent by 2016. Bicycle trips currently comprise about two per cent of total trips made in the City of Sydney government area.’

The strategy is open for comment till the end of September so it REALLY REALLY important that we out there provide feedback on it. You don’t have to agree with it, love it or even read it – whatever – but email or call the council about it. They log all comments (written, email or telephone) and if bugger all people appear to support it then it could get watered down or worse.

Take a look at the strategy at under ‘Highlights’.

Get advocating people!

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