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June 19, 2008

Last night’s BikeSydney meeting

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Well I went to my first BikeSydney meeting in a long while last night. BikeSydney is the local advocacy group for the City Of Sydney Council area, a small group of hard workers getting things done. Andrew, Elaena, Lester and Cole ran thru a bunch of things which BikeSydney is involved in. I’ll just run thru them briefly. If you want more info, and especially if you want to get involved, check out the Bike Sydney website

Jones st Ultimo near the school, there is a proposal for a pinch point for the kids to cross the road easier

Huntley St Alexandria, lights are going in to allow further progress along the Alexandria canal route, tempoarily using a back lane behind some of the woolsheds.

A proposal to drop the speedlimit on Wilson St from 50 to 40

The Bike Lanes on Park st (the only ones in the cbd) have been removed for the pope visit. Apparently assurances have been given that they will be replaced after the event. But when?

A couple of grant applications have been submitted, one for cultural themed bike maps around town, and another for Bike Film Festival funding.

Tshirts are getting made

There is a proposal for the greenway linking cooks river to lilyfiel, to become a tramway. Will there be enough room for bikes and pedestrians?

Bike Valet parking is been offered as a commmercial venture to venues and event managers

Sydney Olympic park is keen for events for their Cycling festival in October., like films and art, maybe a tie in with the BFF

There will be a cool BFF promo event at the Mori Gallery in day st mid july, showing detoour de tour and triplets of bellville. BYO wine, baguettes and blankies. July 16

BFF happenings will include a parade, art installations and art thmed bike rides, a party and a picnic, and parking on the street in front of the dendy newtown

Contested Streets film – ideas tossed around to have a screening of this film in order to inspire decisionmakers, like Councillors, candidates

What questions do we want to put to ou propective councillors before their september elections

I need to get more involved, especially in the organisation of the picnic

Next Massbug meeting (our other excellent local advocacy group) is the first wednesday of the month


December 10, 2007


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Yeah, I know, it’s been up for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Damiens official Launch. ANyway, check it out, it’s got forums, photos, blogs, all Sydney related, and more

November 5, 2007

Massbug meeting this Wednesday night

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NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 07 November

  • 7:30 pm Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (opposite Newtown Station) – first Wednesday of the month. All welcome!

October 23, 2007

BikeSydney Meeting Tonight

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BikeSydney meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month.6.00pm – 7.30pm Bicycle NSW Office
Lvl5:822 George st Sydney.
After the meeting we sometines have a quick beer at a nearby pub.

BikeSydney is our local advocacy organisation

October 11, 2007

Sign the Massbug MTB/BMX/Skate Petition..

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are running a petition to urge the City of Syndey Council to develop a “BMX/MTB track and BMX/Skate facility” at Sydney Park, down the bottom of King St. Sounds like it would be killer for some cyclocross racing as well. Add your signature next time you’re in the shop, and check out Hell On Wheels for all your BMX needs..

August 26, 2007

BikeSydney meeting this tuesday night

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Our Local advocacy group BikeSydney meets 6pm at Bike NSW and then to the pub

All welcome

Level 5, 822 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

(entrance is in Little Regent Street, opposite the Mercure hotel)

July 29, 2007

Massbug meeting this Wednesday night

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Our Local Advocacy group meets this wednesday night

7:30 pm Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
(opposite Newtown Station) All welcome!

June 23, 2007

Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle Starts Tomorrow!

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Check out the great website of the amazing Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle Ride. They’re riding from Rockhampton all the way to Canberra. It’ll pass through Newcastle/Sydney around the 21st of August so that would be a good time/place for Sydney people to go and meet them and do part of the ride. If you’re wondering what they’re up to, they put it this way:

We are a comunity of people concerned about the false claim that nuclear technology will provide a clean green solution to climate change. We hope to promote truly clean and green energy alternatives, while building a pro-active cycling community and having fun.

How rad is that! (You can also make donations at their website)


April 11, 2007

Look what the Councils doing Now (or real soon)

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Well we have seen those smart poles throughout the CBD with the bike rings on them – and slowly they are filling up with bikes. The problem being is that the smartpoles are not anywhere outside the CBD – well the council have come up with a unique solution. They are going to replace the existing street poles and put rings on them. Also for the rollout BikeSydney, Bikeast and MASSbug will be recommending where they are placed. Check out the photos below.

dc070411002.jpg dc070411001.jpg

February 27, 2007

you are forcing change just by your presence

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If at times you feel powerless as an individual to do anything about some the enormous problems that plague us today – global climate change, energy resource wars, an environment that is degraded and made dangerous by too many motor vehicles – well, you don’t have to feel powerless. All you have to do is get on your bike and run an errand, visit a friend, or go to work. By riding your bike in New York City, you’re actively doing something to solve these seemingly intractable problems. Best of all — on your bike, you’re not complaining or protesting or theorizing — you’re being the solution.

View the rest of aaron naparsteks post here

via the very excellent Martino’s bike lane diary

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