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August 21, 2006

How much do you love your bike?

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bike love


August 14, 2006

Vintage Steel Work Bikes Auction

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If you’re a fan of vintage steel and work-bikes there’s a couple of interesting lots in an auction coming up from Bonhams & Goodman. An artist called Dennis Baker is selling off the contents of his studio, and amongst the prints, posters and furniture are a 30’s ‘Elswick Hopper’ delivery bicycle, an ‘early French ladies bicycle’ and a 1930s ‘Healing’ delivery trike. You can go and have a look this Friday and Saturday, and the sale is on Sunday (Map).

July 27, 2006

Free pedapod rides in Sydney!

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Free pedapod passenger rides in the Sydney CBD from 26th July to 1st August between 10am and 4pm brought to you by Jetstar.

So show your support for Sydney’s pedal-powered transport option by taking a free ride today.

As part of Jetstar’s launch of cheap flights to Asia, Jetstar has sponsored pedapod in Sydney for 1 week to offer free passenger service rides in the CBD. This is a “hail and ride” service, just like a taxi. You can use the service to get between city offices, to get between shops and public transport, to get between entertainment areas and public transport hubs, or just to enjoy a ride for the experience.

Jordan Baker reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today that,

The discount airline’s website yesterday buckled under the demand for $169 one-way flights to Bali – including taxes. Return trips to Vietnam were selling for $398, and one-way flights to Osaka for $249….Everyday, all-inclusive, one-way fares range from $409 for Bali, $489 for Ho Chi Minh City and $549 for Osaka.

…Each passenger receives a bottle of water on boarding, and a water cooler is onboard for refills.

July 12, 2006

Popovych, Savoldelli and Ekimov

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I thought these were pretty cool – They’re posters for Team Discovery Channel, plugging The Race 2 Replace, which has something to do with The Texan.

The photos come courtesy of the awesome Telstar in San Fran.

June 23, 2006

In todays Herald

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Revolution in transport … Jan Stubbings pedals her pedicab near the Art Gallery of NSW.

A nice article on the pedal taxis cruising around Sydney

and an article by Michael Duffy. It's interesting that they use portland as a city where public transport is declining. That's probably because Portland is such a fantastic place to ride your bike around, not because people are sitting in cars on freeways.

June 13, 2006

Corporate criminals – not all bad..

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Jodee Rich.

Former One-Tel Jodee Rich director fronts up to the Supreme Court of NSW..

June 7, 2006

very funny

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Bike Predator

May 29, 2006

birdy num num

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