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December 10, 2007


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Yeah, I know, it’s been up for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Damiens official Launch. ANyway, check it out, it’s got forums, photos, blogs, all Sydney related, and more


December 8, 2007

We got these cool Swedish Kronan 3 speed bikes in stock

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The Kronan Bike is a Swedish Army design dating from the 1940s. Our updated interpretation retains its classic construction and historic charm, to which we have added up to the minute technology in gears, hub, and rear lights

 3 speed $1250, green and blue are also available. Specs here

October 18, 2007

best product ever!

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zefal strapless toeclips are made so you can still pull up but do not have to worry about tightening and loosening a strap which can cause some problems.

so good we have a friend who put them on all four bikes and i think has a spare set.

thanks to tony for this delightful example. more pics here

October 9, 2007

New 8spd Hub City Bike – Merida i8

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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of internally geared bikes – they’re clean, easy to use, low maintenance and look cool. Come in and check out the Merida i8. It’s a flat bar road bike that would make a great fast commuter, with the Shimano Nexus 8 hub and front and rear roller brakes all for $1100..

October 3, 2007

SE Lagers – Back In Stock..

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Our favourite budget singlespeeds are back in stock – tweaked and upgraded for 2008 – still for $750. Get yours before they’re gone again..


Sigg Bottles Now At Cheeky..

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We’re now stocking the Sigg  aluminium bottles and other accessories in  a range of colours and sizes.  Aside from being beautiful, durable and completely recyclable, Sigg products are also free of Biphesonal A (BBC and Wikipedia) so your sperm count is safe.. (Don’t worry.. there’s no Biphesonal A in our normal drinking bottles either).

July 19, 2007

cool people cool bikes

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More photos here 

July 6, 2007

New Nitto Aussie Bars

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More Photos here

June 28, 2007

we got caps

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$25 each. New stock from Japan! Yoshi.collage1.jpg

May 2, 2007


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I have recieved my first two frames back from the awesome Peter at Star Enamellers.

The blue frame was built at UBI with some lovely newvex lugs.

The orange nasty is my upright road bike – fillet brazed with a lugged bottom bracket, short top-tube and head-tube extension. This bicycle was built under the expert tutelage of john and patience of all at cycle underground down in the shire as i took about 6 months to file and grind the brass into a nice looking join.

See some more photos online via John’s Flickr .

We just built up a wicked vivente world randonneur with low gears, riser bars, ergons, bar ends and v-brakes. The vivente is an awesome bike, fully accessorised for $1750. It is a pity about the gearing for being a tad high for most people.

A more traditional fuji touring with drops, bar end shifters, v-brake compatible road brake levers and low gearing as well rode wonderfully.

Nick is on the tools fresh from barnetts and with some more experience should come along nicely.

John is taking care of the track stoof with regular deliveries of tasty bits. For the fashion conscious we got some swrve caps in, cotton or wool available.

I think we are going to close early the last friday of the month to attend critical mass.

I heard numbers were down and whilst not everybody thinks it is a cool idea i reckon riding around with like minded cyclists is a heap of fun. So see you there.

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