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April 11, 2007

Look what the Councils doing Now (or real soon)

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Well we have seen those smart poles throughout the CBD with the bike rings on them – and slowly they are filling up with bikes. The problem being is that the smartpoles are not anywhere outside the CBD – well the council have come up with a unique solution. They are going to replace the existing street poles and put rings on them. Also for the rollout BikeSydney, Bikeast and MASSbug will be recommending where they are placed. Check out the photos below.

dc070411002.jpg dc070411001.jpg


July 29, 2006

Forbes St Nunnery Bike Workshop

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I got a flyer on Friday for a new volunteer bike co-op and thought the details were worth sharing..

Forbes St. Nunnery Bike Workshop

  • free use of tools
  • spare parts and bikes available
  • tea, coffee and fun
  • all volunteer
  • help, bikes, parts + donations all welcome

It happens every Monday from 3pm at 40 Forbes St, Newtown.

For info, call Maurice on 0437 940 265 or J.P. on 0401 447 675

If you check the map, Forbes St is just off The Bicycle Superhighway (aka Wilson St), so drop in on your way home on Monday..

July 27, 2006

Free pedapod rides in Sydney!

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Free pedapod passenger rides in the Sydney CBD from 26th July to 1st August between 10am and 4pm brought to you by Jetstar.

So show your support for Sydney’s pedal-powered transport option by taking a free ride today.

As part of Jetstar’s launch of cheap flights to Asia, Jetstar has sponsored pedapod in Sydney for 1 week to offer free passenger service rides in the CBD. This is a “hail and ride” service, just like a taxi. You can use the service to get between city offices, to get between shops and public transport, to get between entertainment areas and public transport hubs, or just to enjoy a ride for the experience.

Jordan Baker reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today that,

The discount airline’s website yesterday buckled under the demand for $169 one-way flights to Bali – including taxes. Return trips to Vietnam were selling for $398, and one-way flights to Osaka for $249….Everyday, all-inclusive, one-way fares range from $409 for Bali, $489 for Ho Chi Minh City and $549 for Osaka.

…Each passenger receives a bottle of water on boarding, and a water cooler is onboard for refills.

July 6, 2006

trailers for sale

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