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October 18, 2007

best product ever!

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zefal strapless toeclips are made so you can still pull up but do not have to worry about tightening and loosening a strap which can cause some problems.

so good we have a friend who put them on all four bikes and i think has a spare set.

thanks to tony for this delightful example. more pics here


March 4, 2007

more ebay madness

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Nb these bikes are not in store, and we won’t discuss them in store or on the phone. We also give no guarantees on the way it was assembled or manufacturers warranties If you want really good service, fitting info, pro assembly, manufacturers warranty and after sales love, you gots ta pay real money!

That said, if you know what you’re looking at, these babies are going to be bargains!

There are a couple of flatbar roadies a tourer, a limited edition 20 inch wheel Birdy folding bike, Daves full suss mtb (almost new), and a few singlespeed frames by Surly and On One



December 9, 2006

Touring specialists

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We get very jealous of people coming in telling us all their awesome travelling plans. BUt it is pretty cool, nonetheless. Inspiring. Hmm. So anyway, we have heaps of cool touring stuff.

The best not too loaded up/budget touring bike the Fuji Touring is BACK BABY! $1350 . Tip from the top. Get in quick if you want one. There has been a huge amount of demand, and there aren’t many available. Lovely bike.

We just became Vaude dealers and I am particularly impressed by their Roadmaster bags $100 for front $130 for rear. NIce attatchment system, raincover, pockets. Good value. They also do some very similar to the ortliebs (which should be back in stock in a couple of weeks).

more soon

October 10, 2006

coming January?

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August 9, 2006

adam’s touring bike

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Just a few pics from my latest very short touring trip up in the tropics. It’s a Rohloff Surly Karate Monkey with Old Man Mountain Racks and Ortlieb panniers. DT rims of course.



That’s Tiff bearing down on me on the bikepath into Port Douglass


July 8, 2006

Check out some of the cool bikes we’ve been building

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Hit the BIKES link on the left, which I have just updated. More to come soon

and here is JOhn , our new staff member


That’s Paul Campbell’s trike, which can be seen at Marrickville Organics market on Sundays, chock ablock full of tasty food.

June 14, 2006

fnq update

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Tiff and I just rode from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. We have seen an echidna, baby crocodile, mumma crocodile, treefrogs, little tiny frogs, spiders, been bitten by heaps of stuff (not crocodiles) and rode over a couple of big mountains.Hopefully it will fine up and we can go out to the reef.
Inspired by all the bikes in Cairns and Port Douglas I want to make more bikes with baskets. Maybe a green 1×1 with SRAM 3 speed, and a dynamo hub with a big basket on the front.
Back monday.

June 6, 2006

surly long haul truckers owners group

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Check out this site

particularly the Owners rides section which has photos of LHTs built up in different variations. PS We now have Brooks saddles!

February 18, 2006

SOrry about this one Richard

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Here is a sneak preview of some of the cool people who have got new bikes recently. More pics soon.
and there are a couple of Surly rohloffs in the works over the next couple of weeks if you want to see what one looks like.

aand a big congrtulations to Paddy, who has regained his Penny Farthing Champion of Australia title in Evandale Tasmania today.

October 14, 2005


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I've been laggin keeping up with the blogging. It was a crazy time when Adam was in America, bike builds, repairs and talking with customers, luckily i had Paddy to help out for a week and a half.
He loves talking to all the oddbods who wander into the shop which can amke for very interesting background conversation. Paddy came secong in the Mont 24hour solo singlespeed category on a lovely pink surly 1 x 1 with some manitou forks. Well Done! Next time hopefully he will take his own advice and pace himself and ride an easier gear.
The framebuilding adventure is well and truly taking off as i am under the tutelage (spelling?) of john bosevski one day a week bulding first myself a bike and then hopefully nutting out some models that i can provide at a reaonable and sustainable price.
I have chosen bobo bikes as my brand name as i used to be called dj bobo at highschool, does anyone remember that hit song, film clip is on a ship, i can't even remember how it goes but absolutely trashy.
I have to come up with a design as i want to have a headbadge if i can afford them, well i need a design regardless of the headbadge situation.
We will shortly have some pictures of the surly pugsley which we tested down at the mont. I think the hottest bike was a singlespeed curtis, ridden (briefly) by adam (ugly) former sydney courier now air traffic controller in melbourne. Hope 4 pot mono's with black levers, profile cranks and bottom bracket, spot hubs, just a damn nice bike really. There was a hot pink yeti that was being ridden by a dude with long socks that looked pretty cool, the paint jobs on those yeti's have a good lustre about them.
Better get back to work, Adam has gone away for another long weekend, a whale festival or soemthing or other.

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