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November 18, 2008

Thank You!

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Well, the cheeky picnic was a very chilled out arvo down at pyrmont park and we just wanted to say thanks to all who made it. Thanks to the ruby murray’s diner as well, food was great as usual.

Well done to all the organisers of the the bff related events as well, michele and the gang put a heap of work in to organise them all.

To all those who missed it here are some pics (care of sam)and you’ll just have to wait until next year. the bike blender cocktails get seriously strong when brian and marcelo get on the bar but it was an awesome afternoon with a very competitive game of soccer for some and a lot of lazing around for others. safe riding!

more great images at sydney cyclist. cool site to check out anyway.


October 21, 2008

Cycle sport stockholm

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When I was recently jetsetting around the world with the lovely Jennifer and our Bromptons we came across the coolest bike shop in Sweden. It’s in the old town near the palace, really small with a bunch of beautiful schkeppshults, Bromptons and a Pedersen on the floor. All around the place was antique bits and bobs . And the best brooks display I’ve seen. I met Martin, who was tuning a 2 speed for the brompton worlds and he gave me a shop calendar with pics of old bikes on it . I think Martin came on the top 20.

January 19, 2008

Here is some inspiration for you

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December 10, 2007


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Yeah, I know, it’s been up for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Damiens official Launch. ANyway, check it out, it’s got forums, photos, blogs, all Sydney related, and more

September 22, 2007

Big Rob goes ORGANIC

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Big Rob, courier extroadinare and all round positive guy came into the shop on Sat to say g’day. Then he dropped the bombshell…he’s gone sugar free and organic!!! Poor old Alfalfa House, you better stock up on supplies. He ain’t called Big Rob for nothing.

Good on ya Rob, you’ve just raised the bar.

September 19, 2007

friends in france

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The lovely Kathryn and Daniel have left sydney and are cycle touring around france. Daniel on his new bike and Kathryn on her trusty fuji touring. These guys are awesome, i got homecooked pikelets one saturday gving them some mechanic lessons.
I was hoping we would get a postcard or email as i didn’t have anyway to contact them and thank them for being such great customers and i don’t think they are returning to sydney. If you read this, we hope you are having a wicked time.

The valley road looks good but i am not sure about getting over the mountains, better you than me i think. Good picture resolution eh.

July 27, 2007

Welcome to the world!

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Isaac Xavier Wilson


Good work Ben And Janet !

July 19, 2007

cool people cool bikes

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More photos here 

July 4, 2007

gday to you all

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   hi everyone, hows the australia?

missing me terribly i imagine.

so. adam and dave, you already know all about the european bike scene, but for you, nick it’s just insane. everyone rides bikes everywhere, it’s not really a scene, but more a way of life. everyone on these mad three and five and seven speed internal, drum brakes galore, and everybike with a dutch lock and crazy shit old dynamo. and i haven’t ev en been to holland yet.

so far in the places i’ve been nobody rides fixed, the cities are all on rivers and just too flat, except maybe in basel, where i am right now, i’ve seen two or three fixies. shame because in the main the swiss seem exceptionally dull.

so far the weather has been shit, but it’s europe, what do you expect..

dave, i just spent two days in the alsace, drinking wine well out of  my pricerange and talking with the winemakers in german, i think you would have appreciated it. oh and my front wheel is already trashed from bike polo.ahh well.

i’m still keen to go to eurobike, i think there would be heaps of cool shit to come back with, or at least to fotograf.

also, same as nick’s us experience, every piece of fucking eurotrash wants a cheeky monkey sticker to go with his yello flouro cap, so if you feel like sending any to the continent,

so enough from me.
take care down there.
see you soon

Check out Johns Euro pics here

April 25, 2007

babies all round

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Big congrats to Stevo and Kate, seen here with Molly Rose

and Dion and Jane, who also have a beautiful baby girl Maia Aroha

(Nick pls insert photo here)

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