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October 11, 2007

2007 World Masters Track Championships

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The 2007 UCI World Masters Track Championships are on from 16-21st of October at the Dunc Gray Velodrome.  Should be an opportunity to see some pretty exciting world class racing, and have a few drinks at the Handlebar


June 4, 2007

white industries

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hub-white-eno2.jpgwe finally have stock of the white industries eno hubs again, two silver and one black left. Without a doubt the most elegant solution to a singlespeed conversion in a vertical dropout bicycle. two fiddy odd.

oh and we got these sweet niterider ultrafazer max battery operated bright front lights in. thanks to phil at spinopsys for the heads up on these babies.


March 4, 2007

more ebay madness

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Nb these bikes are not in store, and we won’t discuss them in store or on the phone. We also give no guarantees on the way it was assembled or manufacturers warranties If you want really good service, fitting info, pro assembly, manufacturers warranty and after sales love, you gots ta pay real money!

That said, if you know what you’re looking at, these babies are going to be bargains!

There are a couple of flatbar roadies a tourer, a limited edition 20 inch wheel Birdy folding bike, Daves full suss mtb (almost new), and a few singlespeed frames by Surly and On One



January 20, 2006

ashland oregon

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well i'm here learning how to build frames in the united states of america. i have had a sweet time so far, learnt heaps and will hopefully have a beautiful lugged singlespeed commuter by the end of next week. i shouldn't pre-empt my failure to complete my frame but i have to let some of you know i got my hands on some richard sachs newvex lugs for this bike so am very excited.

i have some great photos and adam will probably delete this post as it lacks hyperlinks and/pictures. they are coming! my technologically challenged brain couldn't upload them succesfully.

hope you are all well and will post again soon.

thanks for reading


December 19, 2005

cool stuff

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But before you go, maybe you'd like a few xmas stocking stuffers. Dan at Shifter bikes has just sent me up a box of goodies.

White Industries Eno Eccentric hub .
Make your vertical tipped bike a single/fixed with no chain tensioner using this hub with an eccentric axle. Road or MTB, flip flop or disc, available in gold, green, black, red, blue or silver for $225

White Industries Freewheel.
Regarded as the best on the market. The ENO Sealed Cartridge Freewheel (red) designed for Single Speed and BMX riders. You need quick engagement! Our ratcheting mechanism has 36 teeth in which three pawls engage. Another leading brand has 20 teeth and two pawls….. you do the math! Freewheels available in sizes 16t -23t $125
The ENO Trials Freewheel (green) will take on more abuse…we machine a chunk of steel, case harden, and then plate it. We use a six pawl mechanism which gives you 72 points of engagements. Available in 18t only $165

Cars-r-coffins Patches $15 Socks $30

Big Cheese grips in all sorts of colours $35

Bottletop ahead cap holder $25 (choose your own cap)

October 31, 2005

castlemaine fat tyre festival and Australian Singlespeed Nationals

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Friday 25/11/2005 6:00-8:00 PM
Registration @ Theatre Royal
8.30pm Movies: Classic Cycling Movies with a twist (BMX Bandits???)

Saturday 26/11/2005
10:30 AM Treasure Hunt:
rego @ 10am at the theatre royal. The treasure hunt requires you and your bike to follow a set of clues and with the map provided of Castlemaine you answer as many/little questions in the time provided. Prizes up for grabs include the official Fat Tyre Fest Wine, Dinner @ local eatery and more!!! Oh yeah and the BIG ONE!!!!!
02:00PM Trials Demo
03:30 PM Longest Skid, Wheelie & Huffy Toss
4.30pm till8.30 pm Single Speed Crits, Towine Crits, Fat Boy Crits, (MTB's with slicks)16" crits & crusier crits.Presentations for all arvo's/evenings events!!!
09:00 PM The TALL POPPIES is the band and Damo will DJ. A fun night by all is expected!!! Did I mention BEER!!

Sunday 27/11/2005
10:00 AM Trail ride ending at next event
12:00 PM 2005 Australin Single Speed Nationals

October 14, 2005


Filed under: bobo bikes, General Stuff, rants, singlespeed, Surly — schmadzie @ 3:50 pm

I've been laggin keeping up with the blogging. It was a crazy time when Adam was in America, bike builds, repairs and talking with customers, luckily i had Paddy to help out for a week and a half.
He loves talking to all the oddbods who wander into the shop which can amke for very interesting background conversation. Paddy came secong in the Mont 24hour solo singlespeed category on a lovely pink surly 1 x 1 with some manitou forks. Well Done! Next time hopefully he will take his own advice and pace himself and ride an easier gear.
The framebuilding adventure is well and truly taking off as i am under the tutelage (spelling?) of john bosevski one day a week bulding first myself a bike and then hopefully nutting out some models that i can provide at a reaonable and sustainable price.
I have chosen bobo bikes as my brand name as i used to be called dj bobo at highschool, does anyone remember that hit song, film clip is on a ship, i can't even remember how it goes but absolutely trashy.
I have to come up with a design as i want to have a headbadge if i can afford them, well i need a design regardless of the headbadge situation.
We will shortly have some pictures of the surly pugsley which we tested down at the mont. I think the hottest bike was a singlespeed curtis, ridden (briefly) by adam (ugly) former sydney courier now air traffic controller in melbourne. Hope 4 pot mono's with black levers, profile cranks and bottom bracket, spot hubs, just a damn nice bike really. There was a hot pink yeti that was being ridden by a dude with long socks that looked pretty cool, the paint jobs on those yeti's have a good lustre about them.
Better get back to work, Adam has gone away for another long weekend, a whale festival or soemthing or other.

September 30, 2005

interbike part 3

Filed under: advocacy, fixed, General Stuff, New products, singlespeed, Surly — schmadzie @ 10:44 am

Yep, it is pretty cool to be here at the show. I will expand on all the stuff I saw over the next couple of weeks. Overwhelmed and overfed, this vegas lifestyle is clogging my arteries. And I went to a very average motivational seminar on "outrageously incredible relationships". For fuck sake. On a brighter note, I went to an awesome little advocacy seminar and heard from Patrick from WTB, Gary from QBP and another guy who was in the Delta Phi team in Breaking away. There is a serious amount of money floating around for advocates of bikes, and some excellent programs.

I hearby pledge 1 hour a week to spend on advocacy research and action. And I also pledge 1 hour of Dave's week as well !!!

Anyway, here are some more cool photos

MKS has released a spd style pedal that uses their quick release system. For those that can't see, the threaded bit stays inside the crank and the pedal slips off with no tools. They make a flat pedal that we have in stock too.

Suzue carbon singlespeed hubs

The new pista . Did I already post this ? Yep I did

Cork grips on this Rivendell superlugged beauty

The brothers at Sycip make lovely steel stuff, like this lime green nexus machine. Check out the wood guards !

MOngoose are making this replica o their 80s dream bike. I knew a pair of twins who had these and I was so jealous! Now I can get one .

The next special colour for the SUrly 1×1 is green.

American classic make this sinflespeed cassette hub in disc version too.

PS Dave. the pugsley needs a 100m bb from fsa or truvativ and some cranks to go on it. Keep up the good work

interbike part 2

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I am so exhausted, I will just let the pictures speak for now
A bare knuckle

Gilles Berthoud bike, racks and bags

Nagasawa lugs for you Dave

Big Maggie sounded like a welsh bloke

The new Bianchi Pista colour 9 that we can't get in australia, only USA)

The fantastic Ergon grips are coming soon with an extended barend

Spot bikes

September 28, 2005

vegas baby part 1 – dirt day

Filed under: General Stuff, New products, singlespeed, Surly, touring — schmadzie @ 5:01 am

It was extremely exciting to arrive at LV. The lights, the action blah blah. We got fried at the desert tryout day, and the highlights are as follows

First stop, Cervelo, our favourite road and tri brand. Nice guys . Very popular with their P3Carbon and New Carbon Solists racked up and ready to go.

And the verdict………..

Best roadbike ridden today. Very smooth, but stiff. I thought it was very similar to the Six13, my favourite riding bike of all time. Superlight too. This is going to be a very popular bike methinks.

NIcest looking roadbike was this Calfee bamboo machine. Full custom options are available and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Smooth ride, but a bit flexy in comparison to say a dale or cervelo. I love brown

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! The Surly Pugsley with 4 inch tyres was fn awesome. So much fun. I hung out in the tent with the Surly guys for a while. 1X1s and Karate Monkeys wre coming and going. I heard 3 other people (apart from myself) say "the best bike I've ridden all day" !! Dave, get me one of these going for canberra.

MIck tried the 808s and Discs on this Rourke Ti. Ask him for his verdict when he gets back

Chub hub on the back of a giant RV

There were a few of these Niner bikes floating around. They also made these cool aheadset caps that you can mount a bottletop on. I'll be ordering up a stack of these for sure.

This one had chrome rims and cogg and everything

there were some funny outfits around.

More tomorrow night


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