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March 19, 2008

Easter Trading..

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We like long weekends almost as much as we like bicycles. Adam’s off to Queensland, Dave and Lee are having family time and I’ll be taking my 3 speed roadster down to the Southern Highlands for a day ride in the classic English style..

Accordingly, our trading hours for the next little while is as follows:

Thurs 20 – 10am – 8pm
Fri 21 – Closed
Sat 22 – Closed
Sun 23 – Closed
Mon 24 – Closed
Tues 25 – 10am-6.30pm

Enjoy the long weekend – ride your bicycle…


February 16, 2008

Bicycle Security..

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Lock It Or Lose It

 Via the ever-awesome Velorution comes this great article on securing your bike, originally published by the UK’s CTC. There’s some really good advice on the tactics that are used against common types of locks, and how to counter them – particularly the scourge of the mini hydraulic jack that can bust open even the most heavy duty D-Lock.

Our favourite lock is the 3.25″ x 5.5″ Kryptonite Evolution Mini, which is big enough to lock most bikes, but small enough that it can’t be levered open. 

It’s a pain to have your bike stolen, but almost as bad to have your wheels taken – it happened to me in the supermarket car-park on Christmas Eve a few years back. A heavy braided cable looped through the wheels to a D-lock is good, but a pain to lace up every time. Pitlock skewers replace your regular quick release skewers and seatpost with a bolt up key. Cheaper versions use an Allen Head or 5-sided nut, but the Pitlock key is randomly chosen from hundreds of different shapes.  

December 10, 2007


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Yeah, I know, it’s been up for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Damiens official Launch. ANyway, check it out, it’s got forums, photos, blogs, all Sydney related, and more

October 23, 2007

Davey’s Thoughts On Lube..

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Australian Cyclist got some thoughts from Dave about the best choices for bicycle lubricants. Our choice for an all purpose chain lube is Prolink, and general purpose Lanotec in a spray can is invaluable for freeing gunked up shifters and derailleurs (plus it smells like the Easter Show)..

October 18, 2007

best product ever!

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zefal strapless toeclips are made so you can still pull up but do not have to worry about tightening and loosening a strap which can cause some problems.

so good we have a friend who put them on all four bikes and i think has a spare set.

thanks to tony for this delightful example. more pics here

April 11, 2007


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SE bikes, an old skool american BMX company has just brought out some pretty sweet, very cheap singlespeed bikes. we like singlespeeds. with the unfortunate absence (untill september ish) of the fantastic fuji track, these puppies are pretty interesting.

some specs for your reading pleasure can be found here:

they are gonna come in at around $700.

anyone want one?


April 3, 2007


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because  easter is an awesome time to have a few days with the loved ones, and to eat chocolate where appropriate, we will have to close the shop for a few days.  so we will be closed from good friday the 6th of april and reopen on the tuesday the 10th of april. sorry if this inconveniences anyone. have fun over the break.

March 4, 2007

more ebay madness

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Nb these bikes are not in store, and we won’t discuss them in store or on the phone. We also give no guarantees on the way it was assembled or manufacturers warranties If you want really good service, fitting info, pro assembly, manufacturers warranty and after sales love, you gots ta pay real money!

That said, if you know what you’re looking at, these babies are going to be bargains!

There are a couple of flatbar roadies a tourer, a limited edition 20 inch wheel Birdy folding bike, Daves full suss mtb (almost new), and a few singlespeed frames by Surly and On One



February 19, 2007

sydney pitt st vegetarian restaurant this sunday

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this hallowed restaurant is closing and this sunday will be its last weekend yum cha day. i love this place and have seen quite a few cheeky customers there over the years.
i thought i could organise i ride for whomever(that is an awesome word even if is meant to be whoever) wanted to join me for some vegan yum cha delights on sunday. early is better because post yum cha the dub picnic at bicentennial park in glebe beckons and if we are earlier it won’t be so busy.
I don’t want to ride around the city in the midlle of the day on sunday but i do want to ride to yum cha and the shop makes sense as a meeting place for a short trip into the city. the address is upstairs opposite the arthouse hotel on pitt.
we may need to book if there are enough takers so if you are interested let us know. anyone who enjoys yum cha and/or is vego who hasn’t been should try and get there before monday or tuesday next week when the close the doors for good.

probably meet at 11.30am newtown and we can cruise in to be there by 12pm.

October 4, 2006

no pictures

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we have been so busy moving the shop and the workshop in newtown is already busy so i haven’t had an opportunity to blog for some time.

ride to work day was pretty cool, we set a christiania( trike up down on wilson street at the bottom of hollis park and gave away drink bottles and muffins, apples, oranges and some mad vegan cookies paula and i made on tuesday night. apparently there were 500 people in martin place which is pretty cool.

phil gomes of spinopsys(a very popular blog) fame gave us a heads up that the daily telegraph had done a piece on cyclists, i read it a few minutes ago. I have never really trusted the telegraph, they just seem to love the beat up. “cyclist hating motorists” was one description that stood out, what the?

it is so cool to see so many cyclists using wilson street. there seems to be more people commuting by bike now, i don’t know if i am just imagining it or the numbers are increasing either way i like feeling as though there are more people cruising round on bikes.

another cool event was the city of sydney bike expo. we got to show off our cool bikes, internal hub orbea’s, dahon’s and surly’s, nice upright flat bar roadie with a basket. there were tonnes of people in martin place on their lunch hour or just passing through. adam and i didn’t stop talking for about three hours about suitable bikes for commuting and cool touring options. tiring but pretty cool to see so many people interested.

moving to newtown has been pretty fraught, it was sad to leave pitt street, also sad to leave the couriers who have been so loyal. there is something about bicycle couriers that demands, requires, inspires respect, they don’t just ride to work, they ride around all day for their work and then ride home. if that is not a sweet example of bicycle transportation/use i am not sure what is. check out for details about the messenger world champs in a couple of weeks or we have flyers at the shop.

the local folks who have checked out the new shop have been extraordinary. we have been welcomed to the area, wished well in our location, it really has been very cool that people are so happy cheeky is in newtown.

the shop is slowly coming together, i think we may have underestimated the luxury of high ceilings because we now have to store all the bikes and keep it tidy, that is a work in progress. it is so cool to have an open, spacious workshop. john’s wooden, solid works designed workbenches are pretty cool and the couch for people to chill on and read or just hang out, makes me smile simply thinking about it.

good luck to all those riding the 24 hour on the weekend!

night all. thanks for reading

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