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October 21, 2008

Cycle sport stockholm

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When I was recently jetsetting around the world with the lovely Jennifer and our Bromptons we came across the coolest bike shop in Sweden. It’s in the old town near the palace, really small with a bunch of beautiful schkeppshults, Bromptons and a Pedersen on the floor. All around the place was antique bits and bobs . And the best brooks display I’ve seen. I met Martin, who was tuning a 2 speed for the brompton worlds and he gave me a shop calendar with pics of old bikes on it . I think Martin came on the top 20.


January 19, 2008

Here is some inspiration for you

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July 9, 2007

From Jo (bikelove) and Paddy (bikelover) in London

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The tour was awesome… England was really excited.  There was a bit of
uncertainty as the day approached but people turned out in the millions.  We
had an awesome spot to watch the prologue.  We were on the inside of the
track in a sort of horseshoe that the riders went around… so you could see
them doing a 360!  Would be nice to see them in France too but that might be
more than we can chew.  We also watched a few nano-seconds of stage 1.
kerbside viewing.  There was so much paraphenalia that followed them….
after the last coach went past a few ordinary cyclists jumped on their bikes
and followed them.  So Paddy and I did too and the crowds were cheering us
on as we sailed through Greenwich.  Then from the depths of the crowds an
American voice boomed ‘PATRICK JONES!’ that got people cheering even more.
It was pretty funny… until, we got stopped by the cops 2 miles down the
road!  Fame is short but very sweet.

Paddy finished teaching next tuesday then we are off to france on
Thursday… at last check.

Have finally just bought the radio equipment… heaps excited about that!

June 28, 2007

What’s Up? L’Eroica, Adam, John, SE Lagers.. That’s What.

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Schmadzie has returned from his overseas jaunts, and it’s great to have him back. Come in and ask about his adventures in Japan, NYC, Guatemala, Amsterdam, Florence, Chianti or London.

John – Adam’s back, but John is off on travels – He’s taking his fixie and messenger bag across Europe with stops at the ECMC’s in Olso and 2007 CMWC’s in Dublin. He’s posting photos on his Flickr as he goes, or hit him up on the Facebook.

Brekkie Ride – The Fixie/Singlespeed Breakfast ride had a real nice roll over to Bradley’s Head and the Zoo on Saturday morning. Bank on it happening every Saturday unless it’s pelting down with rain. If you’re not equipped with an appropriate bike, read on..

SE Lager – We’re really impressed with the SE Lager single speeds that we mentioned back in April. There’s a few in the shop in a range of sizes. They’re pretty unbeatable for $700. Keep your eye out for a custom Cheeky Transport 3 speed version.

L’Eroica – I’m really keen to get a group together to head down to Beechworth in October for L’Eroica Downunder – “A rally for collectors of historic and classic racing bicycles”. The original L’Eroica is held each year in Tuscany. Drop us an email if you’re interested.

Cheers – Nick

April 17, 2007

Back from the USA

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Fuji and Golden Gate

My trip to the States was fantastic, but it’s good to be back at work and no matter what Dave says, Barnetts has definitely made me more useful in the workshop.

There’s a big stack of photos on my Flickr – check em out. There’s all of them here, or just the bike related ones here..

on ya bike

In other Flickr news, I’ve started a Flickr group for Inner West bike culture stuff, so feel free to join and add your photos..

One of the best experiences I had in the US was rolling with a Midnight Ridazz in LA – 4 or 500 riders on everything from Huffys to 3Renshos doing loops around Hollywood dressed up like gangs out of The Warriors, yelling and screaming, and then a stack of beers and kick of a soccerball in a park at the end..

Stay tuned, cos I’ve got official sanction to get Midnight Ridazz happening in Sydney.

While I’m on the blog, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the monstrous achievement of Stuart O’Grady in the Paris Roubaix, L’Enfer Du Nord. John is upset that Tommy Boonen didn’t do better, but I think I’ll celebrate by kicking back and watching a movie. (P.S. The race is gonna be on SBS on the 29th at 11am – thanks Phil)

April 8, 2007


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HI there everybody. I have travelled across siberia, had a weekend in amsterdam, and am getting fat on street food In Antigua GUatemala. Check out my photos as I go at

ps. check out this cool blog that Phil from Spinopsys put me on to

and I´ve been meaning to mention for a while a great program that I use to save a lot of time searching thru websites to see if they have been updated or not. It´s called bloglines and basically it lets you know when your favourite blogs have been updated.

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March 20, 2007

urban warrior colorado style

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hope you’re all well. there’s a real live local school district spelling bee on tv right now.. just like “spellbound”. it’s rivetting.

spent about 6 hours in the saddle yesterday, saw the local st patricks parade. there was item on the local tv news about peace protestors being arrested when they refused a request not to march.. heavy..

we ended up at a bike shop right across town, found some good thrift stores and some tasty mexican.

adam- i made the mistake of riding a single speed 29er yesterday.. gotta get a karate monkey when i get home…

the 2nd half of the course (BRO) starts tomorrow. looking forward to it. keep checking flickr – there should be some more uploads. i’ll try a little youtube as well.

one request for mala or adam – could i get some more stickers in the mail?
gotta go – the spelling bee is right at the sharp end of the comp, and i gots homework to do..

see you soon,

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