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March 24, 2007

There goes your paint ideas for bobo bikes Dave

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more photos here


July 23, 2006

framebuilding adventures

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so whilst bobo bikes hasn’t really got off the ground yet i have been in the workshop. Replaced some vertical tips with some horizontal track ends for the lovely richard. filing has been taking up a lot of my time.
john down at cycle underground provided the tips care of his cnc mill and after a lot of dithering around i finally got em in.
a top tube replaced for big rob went smoothly as i only had to do the filing and cablestop fitting, john and frank fitted the tube.
pictures soon.

March 7, 2006

handmade bike show

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there is handmade bicycle show currently on in america. here is part one of a review posted at cycling news, here is part two. pretty impressive, i now have the next twenty years to get bobo bikes to that standard.
enjoy the mastery.

the best customers

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i am not so down with blogs being purely a marketing exercise for businesses. i figure it is a forum for people to express stuff they like and dislike about things posted and the shop. Also, for us to inform you of cool stuff we have in the shop and let you know what we are up to.

I was talking to Adam the other day about just how damn cool our customers were and how much i loved my job. Having visited quite a few shops in portland and some in japan all the shops that appealed to me were similar to cheeky monkey transport.

Portland had four or five co-ops (owner operated, non-profit) which was cool, veloshop was a sweet shop in the middle of downtown with heaps of cool track stuff with a nice open workshop. River city cycles was completely the opposite, they had carbon/bamboo calfee bikes, seven plus pretty much every major brand. A real flash shop but didn't really do it for me. ALthough they had full wooden fenders which looked great.

Anyway, we have a real diverse range of customers down here and damn you make it a great place to work. It might be sappy and i might sound like a moron but i don't care, i appreciate having such a sweet job.

March 4, 2006

saturday iregular part 1`

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it might be nice to get back into the habit of a saturday morning blog entry. i am yet to retrieve my pictures from my trip overseas but i have been itching to write about it.

i journeyed to the state of oregon on the west coast of the states to a bike school that taught bicycle frame building. i did a brazing course and a couple of days of tig welding. the main teacher ron was sweet, there seems to be so much nonsense and hyperbole surrounding framebuilding but he just cut through it so i ended up feeling much more confident in some basics of frame material and design.

so the course stuff might be a bit boring for some of you. the time i spent after the course in portland and tokyo was great. portland has a fantastic network of cycle paths lobbied for hard by the bta. I stayed with Edwin who was a friend of a friend just above town in a place called multnomah. We spent a couple of days riding around portland checking out bikeshops and using the incredible, bike friendly, public transport system. Got lots of cool zines from reading frenzy there is an especially good one called resist which anyone can check out at the shop. north portland bikeworks also had some cool zines and they were wonderful in allowing me to send my frame there rather than paying US$84 to take on my flight to portland.

it is a little freaky to experience a little slice of america and realise that there are so many other slices out there, i guess that is no different to anywhere else but there are so many damn people there. the slice of edwin's life in portland i experienced i saw was mostly but not only young people trying to create a sense of community for themselves. most of the people doing the frame building course and some of the mechanic students were appalled at what their country was and how it was perceived around the world.

there was an abundance of vegetarians which was cool, there was a sweet wrap joint in ashland and an italian restaurant which had some mad vegan delights, this chickpea salad with eggplant, raisins warm crunchy bread, oh yeah. and! they had a vegan pizza which kicked ass, i couldn't even eat all of it at once and i am loath to leave food on the table.

portland had this place called voodoo donuts which had vegan donuts but they sucked. there was super cheap and delicious mexican in north portland which was sorely after riding around all day.

there were the coolest load carrying bikes i have seen in the flesh ridden by a couple of couriers, they were made by the Centre for Appropriate Transport . Hydraulic disc brake load carriers with a generous amount of space to carry your load.

i didn't make it to any builders in portland which was a bummer but i was a little worn out of bikes and it was nice just to hang out.

enjoy your weekend.

January 28, 2006

link agro

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what is wrong with the richard sachs link? or the columbia hotel link for that matter. i just finished my fork with newvex fork crown this afternoon, the only student to build a fork i might add. the bike looks sick, still needs a lot of finishing but that will have to wait.

i have two days of tig welding now but i am just about spent from building the frame and fork. tig welding is so tiring because i suck at it and so i have to concentrate so hard it wears me down. should be cool to get some practice though.

looking forward to checking portland out. i thought maybe i could check co-motion up in eugene. if anybody has any tips for places to check out in and around portland that would be sweet. at the moment i have to track down some vegan pancakes recommended by jos and suss out some bike shops.

any comments are welcome and when i post a link i will try to improve on my current standard.



January 22, 2006

columbia hotel

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So when i arrived in ashland i was a day early and after traveling for 35 hours i just needed to find somewhere quickly. i found this sweet hotel which had this 1940s era design which had been maintained, no televisions, a huge bath, a sink in your room and a sweet double bed.
so i crashed there for a night and then made my way slowly (the columbia had this mad lounge room with plush couches and papers and magazines to read) to the smelly hostel for the framebuilding course.
i do have pictures just got to work out how to load them. it snowed yesterday but is clear today and there are some hotsprings which are meant to be sweet.
as far as the course goes it has been pretty fast, we just started straight into brazing practice on different joints. head tube top tube lugged and fillet, chainstays rear dropouts brass brazed.

i have designed a a singlespeed, commuter bike with fender clearance, hopefully i have time to make a fork because the newvex fork crown is especially sweet. the main instructor is great, there is so much framebuilding myth just because people choose a method for whatever reason and over time decide that is the best and only way to do it.

the design stuff was great as he had a range of measurements and angles that gave repeatable characteristics to the ride of a bike. the people in ashland are cool, there are two cool co-ops; a music and organic food co-op.

lots of hippies, apparently lots of californians come here as well. the people doing the course are pretty cool, different backgrounds but all learnign a great deal in a very short time.

i've got class for seven days from 8-5 and then a hopefully will have a frame and fork and have some good tig welding practice on bicycle tubing.

taking orders for the first batch of bobo bikes now! just kidding, i think i'll build a few for myself make sure they stay together under abuse and then look at soem sensible models to offer.
thanks for reading, pretty boring bike nerd stuff but that is where i am at at the moment.

happy riding and thanks for reading

January 20, 2006

ashland oregon

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well i'm here learning how to build frames in the united states of america. i have had a sweet time so far, learnt heaps and will hopefully have a beautiful lugged singlespeed commuter by the end of next week. i shouldn't pre-empt my failure to complete my frame but i have to let some of you know i got my hands on some richard sachs newvex lugs for this bike so am very excited.

i have some great photos and adam will probably delete this post as it lacks hyperlinks and/pictures. they are coming! my technologically challenged brain couldn't upload them succesfully.

hope you are all well and will post again soon.

thanks for reading


January 11, 2006

davy’s framebuilding adventure

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apologies for adam's appalling sense of humour. the holiday was great, will provide more information when time permits.

i'm off to oregon in the states to ubi to do a framebuilding course, check portland out and spend a few days in tokyo. i will try and keep the site posted with updates and pictures.

November 20, 2005

bo bike

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i got to try another child carrier out this weekend and it was by far the best. It is called Bo-Bike and mounts around the outside of the steerer tube on a threadless headset and the quill on a threaded headset. So Sol got to ride up front in his baby banz(they are ray banz for kids for those none the wiser, his grandma bought them, he chose red) and bee themed helmet on a ride through centennial park, down to bronte around to bondi and home again.
Having the child seat in front but up high does not affect the steering all that much, Sol's body does keep on moving a little bit after i have turned the handlebars but he seemed to like headbutting my arms. There is something a little bit more fun about the bo bike over a trailer or rear mounteed childseat, it doesn't have the extra storage of a trailer which is gold when shopping but when you just want to for a ride they are easy to mount, easy to take and simple to strap a child into. You don't have to turn around to check on them, they can ring the bell to let pedestrians know we are coming and they can yelp with you in delight when you fly down a hill as they can see everything that you can.

The framebuilding is slowly progressing, at tafe i have taken in some off-cuts that i mitred to practice tig welding thin-wall steel. I was seriously worried that this would turn me off framebuilding as i realised i sucked at welding and didn't have the patience. Fortunately, my teacher guided my through my amperage setting, i had it way to high, told me where to hlod the torch as i had the arc way too far away from the metal and was cooking the steel. He gave me a demo and put me to shame but i had an idea then of what to do.
The frame i am building is coming along, filing, filing and more filing, the romantic images of me as an artisan framebuilder have been eradicated and i now realise it is just more work with my hands. I think i am motivated enough to get my hand skills where i want them, it will probably take quite a few years.

I have been thinking about what models i would like to make in the next two to three years as i learn how to build frames. I think a women's low step though sleek looking internal hub bike would be sweet as well as a roadster style bike with internal hub, 3 or 5 five speed, rear rack, front basket, mudguards, hub dynamo light set up. A durable, well designed commuter that is unique and handbuilt. I people have ideas for bikes for transport that they would like to see in production let me know, i don't mean to steal your ideas, this framebuilding is very much in its infancy but so i have an idea of what people want that would be cool.


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