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September 24, 2008

One-eyed, one-horned, ridin’ purple people eater?

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Check out Darren and his solar powered GPS enabled Townie – does it work with an iPhone though? Inquiring minds want to know!

Hi there Cheeky Transport,

I have temporarily laid down my Cross Check (with cheeky built wheels) and got on  a bike I never thought I would ride.  It is a big purple Electra Townie.

Yahoo! has this program running called Purple Pedals.  They built Townies up with a camera on the front and solar panels and a battery on the back.  While the bike is in motion it takes a photo about every minute and uploads it to an account on Flickr with GPS info attached. They have a few bikes on the east coast of the US, a few on the west coast, one in Copenhagen, one in Singapore, and two here in Sydney.  I happened to get one of the Sydney bikes. The second Sydney bike is unfortunately not working right now but will be online later this week.

Check out the whole program here (click on the bike when it all loads):

And you can see my photostream here:

and you can see loads more photos by looking for the ybike tag on flickr.

I’m not a pr person or anything, just a Sydney cyclist having fun on purple 20 kilo bike and I thought Cheeky Transport and the people who come by your web page might be interested in this project.  Take a look!

And PS, the wheels you guys built me are rock solid, thanks



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  1. […] Filed under: Events — madbadleroybrown @ 2:43 pm Following on from nick’s posting of Darren and his solar powered GPS enabled Townie, there is another Purple Electra on the streets of sydney snapping everything in its path. […]

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