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July 4, 2007

gday to you all

Filed under: people — schmadzie @ 6:52 pm

   hi everyone, hows the australia?

missing me terribly i imagine.

so. adam and dave, you already know all about the european bike scene, but for you, nick it’s just insane. everyone rides bikes everywhere, it’s not really a scene, but more a way of life. everyone on these mad three and five and seven speed internal, drum brakes galore, and everybike with a dutch lock and crazy shit old dynamo. and i haven’t ev en been to holland yet.

so far in the places i’ve been nobody rides fixed, the cities are all on rivers and just too flat, except maybe in basel, where i am right now, i’ve seen two or three fixies. shame because in the main the swiss seem exceptionally dull.

so far the weather has been shit, but it’s europe, what do you expect..

dave, i just spent two days in the alsace, drinking wine well out of  my pricerange and talking with the winemakers in german, i think you would have appreciated it. oh and my front wheel is already trashed from bike polo.ahh well.

i’m still keen to go to eurobike, i think there would be heaps of cool shit to come back with, or at least to fotograf.

also, same as nick’s us experience, every piece of fucking eurotrash wants a cheeky monkey sticker to go with his yello flouro cap, so if you feel like sending any to the continent,

so enough from me.
take care down there.
see you soon

Check out Johns Euro pics here


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