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July 6, 2006

Fall Asleep at the Wheel – Its OK to kill a cyclists!

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In a rare piece of advocacy work by BNSW they wrote to the DPP asking why a car driver that killed a cyclist on the F3 (when he fell asleep at the wheel) was not charged. Also the guy that fell asleep was driving home from Sydney to Newcastle after pulling night shift!

Letter From BNSW to DPP

The response from the DPP!


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  1. I’d love to pat BNSW on the back for this, but I find myself wondering if they really cared at all.
    BNSW’s letter is dated 21 June 2006.
    “In 2005 our organization was contacted by the family of the victim..”
    It reads as if BNSW did nothing until the widow contacted them much later saying the charges had been dropped.
    In stark contrast, the DPP responded very quickly, their letter is dated 4 July 2006.
    Now, it is entirely possible that BNSW knew this was a lost cause and hence didn’t pursue it, in which case, the letter writing is just to illicit an official response from the DPP so that they can show they did something (it may have been more helpful to talk the widow through why the law is written this way though).
    But if, as I think is more likely, they had no idea of the likely procedings, why wasn’t this story splashed around in headlines? Atleast the grief-stricken family would have felt supported. OK, so the “facts” would still have come out, the guy would still be free, but imagine what would happen if you approached pedestrian and road groups with this case of “being asleep at the wheel is a defence”. Irrate parents and pedestrians would be in the headlines calling for law reform. The Current Affairs programs would have had a field day, not to mention talkbalk radio.
    But no, BNSW writes a letter to the DPP 18 months after the fatal accident, rolls over on its belly and goes back to sleep!

    Comment by pedaller — July 6, 2006 @ 3:33 pm

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