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December 6, 2005

duffy article

Filed under: advocacy, General Stuff, rants — schmadzie @ 9:06 pm

it's way past my bedtime and a few too many coopers stouts but i was requested to express an opinion and i know my duty damn it.
2ser kicks fbi, they are both good mind you but how good is the phantom dancer on a tuesday early arvo. that is real radio, that sounds like one of them bloody slogans, i apoligise if it is, anyway. michael duffy.
he has been previously mentioned on this blog i vaguely remember, he wrote something that got my goat.
his article on bikes amazed me, as a commuter i do not feel obliged to breath in the fumes of motor vehicles for the law, for respect for other cyclists for anyone.
This might just be me being extraordinarily self centred but like drinks in plastic bottles and state rail gluing the windows shut i can't freakin stand it. Is it selfish and counter productive to want to avoid the health risks of breathing exhaust fumes by breaking road rules and apparently infuriating drivers. MInd you if another cyclist runs a red i am more likely to stop at that red to pretend that there are some cyclists who obey the traffic rules, crazy eh and not always what happens.
What Duffy says indicates to me someone rather out of touch with any comprehension of how hopeful/necessary alternative transport to motor vehicles is.
I ride now with increased fear that people who read that article see me as even more of a pest. In my experience, the vast majority of car drivers are pretty good, the few who resent your presence are a serious threat to one's safety but so is driving a car, i think it is an inherently dangerous but ultimately very trusting thing to get on the road outside of a bus.
Duffy is a pretender who may argue rationally about some issues from his rather conservative perspective but he just seems way off on this one. As cyclists we have very little infrastructure in and around the city to keep us off the road completely if it all, the road is not much fun really, if we had separate cycle lanes imagine how relaxing riding to and from work and around would be.
The point of cyclists slowing motor traffic is rather frustrating as it doesn't seem very accurate, a city tax or substantial new car tax that could got to bicycle infrastructure would be sweet and a reduced city speed limit. When people drive aggressively around town they seem to be rushing to the next red light which is great if you want to be first at the red light but seems such an unhealthy and dangerous practice. Those who did drive in the city would get around faster due to less vehicles and bicycle messengers might have any easier time of it.
Anyway, happy and safe riding.
pics and links next post i promise



  1. Interesting how a devoted car user who wants to rid the roads of all cyclists manages to accuse cyclists of increasing pollution. That speaks volumes about the irrationality of the situation.
    The whole transport issue that was promulgated through the SMH a while back, complaining of the lack of public transport and traffic congestion did not mention bicycles at all!
    I can drive to work or I can ride my bicycle. Strange how it is immensely offensive for some motorists to wait behind me on my bicycle, and not so if they have to wait behind my car?
    It’s the idiocy of shooting yourself in the foot when committed motorists, who want less traffic congestion, have no idea that a cyclist is one less motorist, is reducing the burden on public transport, is reducing pollution (I save at least 500 litres of petrol a year by commuting by bicycle) and the more people we get on bicycles the less traffic congestion there will be. Such motorists should be the most fervent promoters of cycling and seperate cycling facilities!!!
    These people seem to prefer 1000 cars on the road each with one person in them than 1000 bicycles, what to speak of 1000 bicycles on a seperate bicycle facility! What we need is a graphic showing the space 1000 cyclists take up on a city street and that of 1000 cars.
    These motorists if they have a fangled ‘trip computer’ in their car, will see that they average about 20-25km/hour in city traffic (counting the time stopped in traffic) and so on average they are travelling around the same speed as a bicycle anyway.
    It’s a shame there are so many people here in Sydney that don’t have the brain power to consider anything past their own nose and so only disadvantage themselves and everyone else.
    Thanks Dave for your late night advocacy. Keep up the stout work!!

    Comment by Jason — December 10, 2005 @ 2:03 am

  2. here here

    Comment by Anonymous — December 10, 2005 @ 9:18 pm

  3. I hope Duffy is happy attacking cyclists…cos I’m happy riding them!whoooohoooo zoom zoom zoom

    I like traffic…
    like the dynamic nature of the ocean elevates wave surfing far above snowbording…so to traffic does to urban cycling/commuting/couriering in comparison to mountainbiking type pursuits..

    the canvas upon which–>

    Comment by R Smuncher — December 13, 2005 @ 10:41 am

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