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October 26, 2005

adam’s advocacy news this week

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So, I have been thinking about the best way to spend my allocated 1 hour a week devoted to advocacy efforts. I am open to suggestions here. Probably the first thing I have decided on , is be be a bit of an information hub, so that people know what's going on and how to get involved. Lots of links, a noticeboard, news etc

Anyway, this week, the good people at are rousing up submissions to the City Of Sydney for their proposed banning of bikes in Prince Alfred Park. So i sent them a little email outlining why I thought that was a bad idea.

Obviously , the more people who do this, the greater chance that we can have good bike facilites in PAP and in the whole City of Sydney in the future.

Here is an excellent example of a submission by Brendan Bouffler. I can provide your details to Brendan if you'd like to get in contact with him.

Subject: Prince Alfred Park Master Plan (?)
It's recently come to my attention that my cycling through Price Alfred Park on a regular basis is in some fashion breaking the law.
Like literally thousands of other cyclists in the Inner West of Sydney, I use Prince Alfred Park all the time as a safe and pleasant path to get me between the back streets of Redfern and the CBD. It's eminently more attractive than Cleveland Street, which is a death trap for anyone without 4 or 6 cylinders under their hood. I say this, by the way, as someone who rides two or three hundred kilometres each week – I'm not afraid of traffic at all. Cleveland Street scares me.
It's moreover a shame that the new draft master plan for Price Alfred Park has cycling not only restricted but being downright prevented. This would be a great loss for a whole swag of reasons:
* there really isn't any other path from Redfern (and hence the inner west) into the city that is anywhere near as safe. I mentioned Cleveland street as an awful alternative, but I could name countless others as horribly unsafe and ugly as well. I'm at a complete loss to name a good path.
* the status quo works really well. As a shared path, I've rarely (if ever) seen any unhappy consequences of cyclists and other park users mixing together on the central pathway. On the contrary, I mostly see lots of regulars on foot and wheels waving at each other and saying "hi".
* I'd miss out on my regular dose of seeing people playing tennis, dogs fetching balls, the smell of the trees in the summer time and the sight of those Chinese guys pegging golf balls at each other on Tuesday mornings near the pool. The daily poetry of life would be diminished, and the city would be a worse place for it.
If you're not convinced, please come and spend some time in the park on a bike. Perhaps you could try and ride from Pitt Street in Redfern along Cleveland Street, just for a lark, and see how your nerves are at the end of it.
But more importantly, come and ride through the park in the mornings (during the bike rush hour) and see how well it works right now. I think so many bits of your master plan are great, but please don't leave me out – I use the park all the time, too, and I really love it.
Thanks for putting so much care and effort into making the park a better place to be. The huge community of us that use the park regularly really appreciate your hard work.

brendan bouffler


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