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September 30, 2005

interbike part 3

Filed under: advocacy, fixed, General Stuff, New products, singlespeed, Surly — schmadzie @ 10:44 am

Yep, it is pretty cool to be here at the show. I will expand on all the stuff I saw over the next couple of weeks. Overwhelmed and overfed, this vegas lifestyle is clogging my arteries. And I went to a very average motivational seminar on "outrageously incredible relationships". For fuck sake. On a brighter note, I went to an awesome little advocacy seminar and heard from Patrick from WTB, Gary from QBP and another guy who was in the Delta Phi team in Breaking away. There is a serious amount of money floating around for advocates of bikes, and some excellent programs.

I hearby pledge 1 hour a week to spend on advocacy research and action. And I also pledge 1 hour of Dave's week as well !!!

Anyway, here are some more cool photos

MKS has released a spd style pedal that uses their quick release system. For those that can't see, the threaded bit stays inside the crank and the pedal slips off with no tools. They make a flat pedal that we have in stock too.

Suzue carbon singlespeed hubs

The new pista . Did I already post this ? Yep I did

Cork grips on this Rivendell superlugged beauty

The brothers at Sycip make lovely steel stuff, like this lime green nexus machine. Check out the wood guards !

MOngoose are making this replica o their 80s dream bike. I knew a pair of twins who had these and I was so jealous! Now I can get one .

The next special colour for the SUrly 1×1 is green.

American classic make this sinflespeed cassette hub in disc version too.

PS Dave. the pugsley needs a 100m bb from fsa or truvativ and some cranks to go on it. Keep up the good work


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