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September 2, 2005

Fuji touring is a dream

Filed under: General Stuff, links, New products, touring — schmadzie @ 10:18 am

There is a great review of the Fuji Touring by Ian Connellan in the latest issue of Australian Cyclist magazine.

This makes me very happy because I have always thought they have a lovely ride. The chromo frame is specced up for all your rack and mudguards options and soaks up bumps really well. Perfect bike for touring, dayrides or commuting.

The 2005 model (as tested) is grey and the 2004 model is still available in British Racing Green.

The price is now $1500 and we can fit euro bars like on Kathryn's bike for about the same price, giving a much more upright riding position common on touring bikes in Northern europe.

Standard gearing is a roadbike triple up front (52/42/32), which is great for commuting and daytrips if you aren't carrying much. If you want to fit front lowrider racks and panniers and want to cruise up giant hills, then we can fit mtb cranks (42/32/22) or something in between (48/38/28).

If you want to ride around the world, it might be wise to get some handbuit wheels using the new DT touring rims (I can't stop raving about these) , XT hubs and Schwalbe Marathon tyres.



  1. you are right to get xcited about the dt swiss rims they look cool and are strong as with those reinforced eyelets

    Comment by the_bird — September 4, 2005 @ 2:35 pm

  2. mmm steel is the real deal! everyone should have at least one steel machine in their quiver–>

    Comment by timmay S — September 5, 2005 @ 7:24 pm

  3. I have a 2004, and love it. The frame is nice, I upgraded the wheels to xt hubs and mavic 719 rims. Broke four spokes in a year, and I ride about ten miles a day and am not too heavy. The wheels are cheap. For the money it’s a nice bike

    Comment by bill — December 14, 2007 @ 3:31 pm

  4. Hello
    I read somewhere that the Fuji Tourer weighs in excess of 12 kilo and if true this seems to be a heavy bike to peddle up hills with a load.But maybe most tourers are heavy but surely not 12 kilos.

    Comment by Malcolm Backus — August 26, 2008 @ 5:59 pm

    • With a heavy load this bike needs to be a little heavier. This bike would not be the same otherwise. Lighter is not always better, especially when carrying a heavy load. I love the steel frame and the geometry but the headset is a little week. With a loaded front rack the threadless headset is not able to support the weight while making a sharp turn and the weight troughs the handle bars out of alignment. So I would suggest not over loading the front rack. It could also be the small 1 inch headset tubing that causes this. I have a 2007 and i have put thousands of miles on it and taken it through hell and back. The bike is well worth the money and does have a smooth ride. In the future I would like to see Fuji upgrade the headset and tubing, add a little more clearance for bigger tires, and disk brakes would be pretty sweet. All in all this is an awesome bike and definitely has my recommendation.

      Comment by James — July 6, 2009 @ 4:48 am

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