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August 8, 2005

Jason in Swaziland

Filed under: General Stuff, links, people, touring — schmadzie @ 8:27 am

This is Jason, a cool dude working as a pharmacist in swaziland

yo dave…hows things mate? hows oz, and hows yr little boy? wont ask you how work is being a work email address and all! fkn nice website by the way!

its jason the pharmacist whos in swaziland…pretty cool over here man..lots of biking potential..have picked up a new bike, a schwinn mesa gs (I think) and its not bad…but unnnbeeeeelievable to have a bike again! and am starting to hook up with hardcore biking people here so am sure Ill be a mad biker by the time Im done here. and have planned a 7 day swaziland top to bottom fundraising ride which we'll pull of in late sep too…will be nice. life here is pretty good…except for the swazi's who are not doing so well, but thats another story

cheers mate…also another foto from a day trip I did a while back…more photos to come or my foto website seeya mate, hope alls well jason


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